Report on implementation of the livelihood empowerment against poverty in Pru West District in 2023


Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) is a bi-monthly cash transfer program introduced by the Government of Ghana in 2008 for extremely poor and vulnerable Households of eligibility such as, orphaned and vulnerable children, persons with severe disability without productive capacity and elderly persons who are Sixty-five (65) years and above to reduce poverty, increase and smoothening consumption and promoting access to services and opportunities among the extremely poor and vulnerable households.



The      Department     of         Social Welfare successfully     mobilized beneficiary  communities    for            five      (5) payment cycles in the year 2023.

The cash transfer was the 83rd, 84th, 85th, 86th and 87th cycles. The payment cycles covered the period from January to October, 2023. It is also important to report that the Government increased the bi-monthly cash grants paid to beneficiary households by hundred percent (100%) with effect from the 83rd cycle to cushion them against the rising cost of living and other socio-economic shocks.

It is also worthy of mention that the number of beneficiaries increased from 546 households in seven (7) communities in the 2018 to 746 in twenty-one (21) communities

3. KEY



Poor network connectivity in some beneficiary communities during payment of grants remains an intractable quandary. Improvement of the network connectivity is one of the surest ways to aid the implementation of the programme in the district.


Thankfully,      the       programme      has improved on the lives of extremely poor and vulnerable households in the        district.


In the wake of the positive effects of the programme on the beneficiary households, in particular, its expansion to the remaining potential communities in the district is continually advocated. The District Assembly is resolved to leave no stone unturned in ensuring high impact on the beneficiary households.

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