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  • You can make your enquiry or lodge complaints at our Client Service Center or by contacting our hotline on 0243771453.
  • We aim to acknowledge and respond to your written communication within seven (7) working days.
  • Our suggestion box has been placed at a conspicuous location to take your suggestion on daily basis and we commit to providing feedback within five (5) working days upon receipt.
  • If we cannot fully provide an answer to your query within that specified time, we will provide you with an interim response and advise you as to when a final response can be expected.
  • We aim to investigate your complaints, provide you with the proposed action to solve them, and seek your feedback about the proposed action within seven working days of receiving your complaints.
  • We aim to follow up with you on executed action to make sure it has been executed within the specified period and seeking feedback about the final result.
  • If you are not satisfied with the proposed action, we will provide you with the right to raise a grievance to the office of the Presiding Member

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