Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) Command in the Bono East Region, recorded low fire outbreaks between the periods of January and September 2023.
The command prevented Domestic, Institutional, Commercial, Vehicular, Industrial and bushfires among other related issues.
In 2022, the Command recorded about 168 fires made up of 69 domestic, 16 industrial, 22 commercials, eight institutional, 15 vehicular and 34 bushfires between January and December.
Comparatively, it recorded 125 made up of 55 domestic, five industrial, 33 commercials, four instructional, nine vehicular and 16 bushfires within the same period in 2023.
The Assistant Chief Fire Officer (ACFO) Mr Emmanuel Inkum, the Bono East Regional Fire Commander, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) Techiman, said the reduction of fire outbreaks in the region, was a result of effective fire prevention education by the command
ACFO Inkum explained that within the first to third quarter of 2022 about 130 fires were recorded, compared to 125 within the same period in 2023 representing a 3.85 per cent reduction as compared to that of the previous year.He said in 2022 four fire accident-related injuries were also recorded, compared to three with zero deaths in 2023.
The Command has instituted proactive fire prevention measures across the region to educate the public on how to prevent fire outbreaks, and more fire education policies such as fire prevention training for community members and the establishment of fire posts among others were being carried out.
ACFO, Inkum noted that although the fire was good, it needed to be treated with much attention, and urged farmers, community members, industry owners, institutions and drivers to expedite precautions on fire-related activities during their operations to avoid generating any outbreaks.
The Commander gave an assurance that the Regional and District fire committees would be inaugurated as mandated by the Fire Service Act, to regulate fire-related issues across the region.
He urged residents in the region to celebrate the coming Christmas festival with fire-free incidents by being careful when dealing with fire-related.

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